Top 10 Tips For Creating a Brilliant Website Design

Our Top 10 Tips For Creating a Brilliant Website Design

Your web design is the face of your business, and believes it or not,  it will help you with revenue, conversion, and winning trust and credibility.

Though a website is subjective, everyone has their own web design views as to how their business should look, but some factors play an important role in running it smoothly and helping you connect with more customers. 

Positive user experience is essential for winning clients, but Google and other search engines give a lot of importance to user experience and rank your website based on customer satisfaction. 

In this article, we will discuss some web design tips for a good and responsive website that you can discuss with your web designer. These little website design tips can slip your mind while discussing but they are the deciding factors in enhancing user experience and hooking them to your brand. 

Top Web Design Tips

It’s important to plan your web design smartly. Your visitor should get all the necessary information about what you do and other relating questions right from your home page. Plan it so that your visitor can see what you do and at what price range.

Its design, functionality, and content should have the singular purpose of enhancing the user experience. What we dont want is to hide the amazing content behind flawed or tardy web designs, layout, folds, and navigational issues. 

Let’s start with having a Responsive web design a well-thought plan.

Web Pages Should Deliver Your Brand Identity

Plan the user’s journey on your website pages. Your design, pages, and content should contribute towards pushing the user further into your sales funnel. Map the customer’s journey and work on the web pages he might visit.

Website pages are not all about the layout of your website but they make sense only with good copywriting. Your visual design and valuable content should go hand in hand and together, both should contribute towards nurturing your lead through the sales funnel.

Responsive Design

Our smartphones have become the center of our lives in this digital age. Most of us go to search engines with our queries on different gadgets and screen sizes. . We have smartphones, tablets, laptops, big computer screens, and a lot more. Having a responsive design is the most essential design element.

Your web design should not only have a good desktop version but it should look the best in each medium. A responsive web design is essential to cater to the endless influx of internet devices. Your professional website should have a fluid layout that can optimize itself on any device.  Whether someone is searching you on mobile devices or any other screen, they should have a positive user experience.

Speed of Website

Studies reveal how the load speed of your website has a direct effect on user experience and conversion rate. A website’s page speed is the time it takes to load. 

Users today have become impatient, so if your website takes ages to open itself up, nobody cares to wait for it to unfold.

An average of 40% of the users are likely to abandon your website if it takes more than three seconds to load. So the website’s speed can cause you the bounce rate that drives your traffic away and impacts your website ranking. The first impression is everything, and a slow website ruins that impression, and no doubt there is plenty of other websites in each industry to turn to which are fast and more satisfying.

Intuitive and Simple Design

While you may want to enrich the visual aspects of your web design with too many designing elements, a key to impressing the user is through a simple and clean design. Make it clutter-free and simple to comprehend so users interact easily. Google Studies show how the users dont like too complicated designs. So make it simple and easy to understand. 

You can use white space between different content sections to make it easy for web users to read. It takes away the attention from your main content. Get away with sidebars and too many distractions

Also, stick to the standard website as people expect you to have a familiar design and layout.

Avoid too many sliders, Carousels, and Tabs

One of the best web design tips you can get is to keep it simple. Complicated animations, too many sliders, carousels, and banners, may look great to the website owner, but they fail to impress the user. Avoid any distractions that do not add value to your message. You dont need too many complicated animations or stocky images to impress visitors.

On the other hand, it can slow your webpage down and distract your audience. You have eight seconds to hook the visitor’s attention and provide value. If you fail to do so, they are likely to switch to another website.

Visitors expect a simple layout and smooth running web design. Your first slider is likely to win 90% of the clicks, and the rest dont attract the user’s attention at all. The same goes for the tabs and other banners. The truth is that users dont read all the first page but skim it through. So place the valuable information in the upper part of the page.

Consistent Brand Guideline

While planning the web design and content, it is important to form consistent brand guidelines for your brand. It should be reflected through your imagery, web design, font, gallery, iconography, and logo as well. Varying colors and font sizes can distract your visitors and 

Include Impressive Visual Hierarchy on Your Website

Visuals and professional photos attract the user’s attention. So feel free to include as many visuals and photos as you like. However, it is important to avoid stock photos. You should use only those visuals that represent you and your work. Anything generic is not likely to attract the user’s attention. Stock photos are easier to spot and fail to impress the user.

Scrolling is Better than Clicks

Unlike the old belief that your home page should be short, recent studies show how people like to scroll better than making them click too many pages.

You can design your home page smartly and include different sections in body text to inform visitors about what you do and the different services you offer. You can use an informative post that explains your motives, objectives, and other important elements for your target audience.

Include white space between the content and divide it into different sections. White space makes your message appear short and easy to read. Smaller sections divided by white space are easier to comprehend.

Make sure your web design has visual elements and informative content that includes all information convincingly. Instead of making tabs and carousels, present the information on the page no matter how long it may seem. Users like scrolling more than clicking, so make sure you include all the information on one page instead of going to too many pages.

Visual Cues

For web designers, visual cues play a great part in diverting the user’s attention where you want them to focus. You can use generic high-quality photos as humans tend to see where other people are looking. Or you can use arrows to point out text and make them read the important information. However, all imagery, animation, and photos must go with your brand identity.

Use lists and bullets

Lists and bullets are easier to skim through than long-form paragraphs. Make sure you present the information in the form of lists. Also, make sure you enlist all the important points in the upper part of the list, as the lower section is most likely to be ignored by the users. some special web design elements that have a strong visual hierarchy are the strips and grid layouts. These web designs help you to convey your message in a clear and effective way.

Include Social Proof

Your potential customers expect you to be active on social media as well. So make sure to offer them to connect with you on different mediums like Facebook, Twitter, or a Youtube Channel as well. Make sure you include those buttons where you are active. Include social media buttons so that your users can follow you on social media.

Clear Call to Action

Create web design with a clear call to action. So whether you want them to subscribe to a newsletter, buy an ebook, or your services, make sure you have a clear call to action button. A CTA commands the users to do something to remain focused on what you offer and why they are there.

Easy to Navigate Website

The web design should be user-friendly and easy to navigate. If your prospective customers find it difficult to go through different pages, they are not likely to bother to stay. So navigation is an important part of the user experience. Make sure you plan the user journey, and each page should contribute towards leading your visitors to your goal. 

Use headings, subheadings, and navigational bars to help the user find the right information. It should be clean and specifically organized to move around on the website easily and spend more time exploring your content. 

Make Pricing Easy

One of our important web design tips is to include pricing on your home page. Not only for e-commerce websites but pricing is the most important part of your web design no matter what services you offer. Make sure your visitors find it easily on your home page. It can be a determining factor for some to stay or switch from your website. Finding the price right on the front page completes the user’s research. So make pricing stand out in your menu items. Offer different price ranges to cater to different classes like an affordable, business plan, or a premium subscription. There should be something for everyone.

Final Words

These web design tips are just the start of how you want things to go. A website is not only the face of your business, but it should represent what you want to achieve and how determined you are for what you do. It should not be static, and websites evolve as your company grows. Make sure you discuss these web design tips with your web designer.

Don’t forget to invest in the SEO of the website for search rankings. Without SEO, even the best design dont stand a chance to appear on the top pages of search engines. More traffic means you are having a target audience that leads to better engagement and conversion. So having a smart SEO strategy, visual content, website copy, mobile responsiveness are the key to a successful digital presence of your business.

We at Cassia Enterprises have skilled designers for building websites that represent your business and help you grow. Our motto is to create your dream website that is functional and engaging, yielding higher conversion rates.  a good website is far more than a web design. It includes wonderful content, great SEO  as well. We design websites, create content and help you run them successfully with our SEO services. Book an appointment today to discuss your dream project today.



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