Can Location Independent Working Be A Digital Reality?

Cassia Digital Agency Directors Anne Cutting and Dean McKenna are creating a ‘location independent’ business, and featured on a recent Digital Investor Show podcast. In conversation with Matt Raad from the eBusiness Institute, Anne and Dean discussed their journey, training with the eBusiness Institute, and the launch of their London web design and SEO business, Cassia Digital Agency.

Make The Dream A Reality

You will hear how Anne and Dean meticulously planned their transition, nurturing a dream of freedom and independence from the shackles of the corporate 9-5 grind.
Anne, an award-winning graduate from the eBusiness Institute, talks about the mindset and entrepreneurial coaching Matt and Liz Raad provide during the eBusiness Institute Champions program. Anne also references the support from the Champions community who provide ongoing support to each other. Dean shares how goal setting and planning provide the ‘stepping stones’ needed to bring their vision to reality.

The Digital Investor Show

The Digital Investor Show YouTube channel is about investing in digital assets, including websites and online businesses, showcasing how real people generate wealth, transition to online income and build high cash-flow portfolios in the new digital economy. Hosted by Matt and Liz Raad – successful website investors, angel investors, and digital educators who have helped thousands of entrepreneurs generate millions of dollars in sales and valuation. In this show, they discuss the strategies for success in leaving the corporate grind and setting up a location-independent business, building, renovating, and SEO-ing websites from London, Brisbane, and anywhere in between. These are interviews with real people from all walks of life who have bought and grown online businesses, earning from thousands per year up to millions.

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