12 Reasons Why Websites Are Important For Business

Even the question of why websites are important for small businesses seems a little outdated. Today is the time of internet, global access, and digital presence. Your brick-and-mortar business is no longer restricted to the place where you are but opens up to the world outside. Your online presence reflects your future opens up a whole new world of opportunities for your business, be it small or big.

We might hear a common misconception that only big enterprises should have an online presence. The idea has toppled over the years as now every small shop around the corner is also making a website and enjoying the benefits of being open to a host of new opportunities that were not possible before.

Gone are the days of thick directories with yellow pages. Now, listing in online directories has opened up the advent of the web world for small businesses. Opportunities are equal, so is there potential to grow more and present your story to the right audience.

In this article, we highlight the 12 reasons WHY it is so important for every startup or small to medium to big business to have a business website.

Why Small Business Need a Business Website

Even small businesses can get a lot of exposure through a strong online presence. A website not only makes you available to millions of new customers out there, but your digital presence serves many other purposes as well.

1 Market your services and products

A professional web design markets your services online. It’s better than any other traditional means of advertising. It’s a simple way to let others know what you have to offer. You can tell the potential customers all services or products you offer, but it allows you to showcase your different offerings. An online store can keep your customers informed about what’s in stock, what’s coming next, and all other information you need to convey to your target audience.

2 Get More Customer with Business Online

According to the surveys, almost half of the customers nowadays hit google before they visit a physical store. Almost half of the google searches are about local businesses, and customers go to the physical location afterward. 

The success of any business depends on new clients. The Internet can make you visible to many clients out there who have not yet heard about you. No doubt the competition is fierce, but there are no geographical barriers and so the potential is limitless. 

Traditional methods of marketing can be expensive and have limited results. On the other hand, a website allows you to connect with more people in less time. 

3 Makes your Business Grow

New clients simply mean new opportunities to help people solve their problems and in turn, help your business to grow.  A website increases your reach and enables you to engage with your target audience to showcase your products, services, and business ethos. A website frees your business from the restriction of place and time. It opens it for millions of more people and thus helps you grow your business like never before.

4 Your Business is always open – 24/7/365

Your reception team, booking staff, shop, or office hours are all-time restrictions on your business but not your website. Your website is always open for business. It works 24 hours/day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year without any break. You can attract customers, educate, engage, and communicate with your prospective customers any time of day. You can no longer connect with local customers but your marketing efforts extend to those who are planning to visit your area. 

5 A Professional Website Adds to your Credibility

A website adds to your credibility. It’s a digital world now, and a business without a website is no longer credible anymore. According to a survey, around 84% of the customers think a website makes your business credible and trustworthy. 

Not only is it an excellent way to showcase your expertise, credentials, or the satisfied clients you have earned over the years. A website is perfect to showcase your business and earn more credibility. Goes without saying positive reviews of customers on your website are essential to grow your business and attract more clients.

6 Search Engine Optimization Engage More Potential customers

A Business website is a medium to showcase your business and allows you to engage with your potential customers. People can look you up on Google Search results on their mobile phones. Its cost-efficient and better than other marketing methods.  A website is an excellent medium for you to know about the questions, queries, and feedback.

7 Builds your Authority

In this modern marketplace, a website is important as it is what everyone expects from small to big businesses. Your presence is almost non-existent globally unless you have a website. It allows you to make a good first impression and to provide your website visitors with a wealth of valuable information and key elements about your products and services.  Providing relevant information that helps your customer base to answer their questions, making your website a trusted source of information.  Many businesses do not take the time to develop their online expertise and establish authority in their niche, so it is an opportunity to drive more leads and increase sales.

8 Cheap Advertising

Having a business website is the most economical form of advertising you can have for your business. It is more effective in reaching millions of potential customers and educating them about how your business can make a difference in their lives. 

Other forms of advertising, on their own, can be less effective.  But when your advertising builds upon your business website, it amplifies your business’s ethos, your story and spotlights your services and products online. Your advertising is then more credible, generates more leads and more revenue, and creates a positive ROI. 

9 Social Proof

No matter how many positive reviews you have shared over the years, these are of not much value unless you have a website to exhibit your expertise. People expect you to have a digital presence, or no one will believe how good you are at what you do. 

Having social media profiles such as a Facebook Page or Twitter account is not enough. Even when you make people curious about you through your social media posts, they want to visit your website to know more about your online businesses.

A website is what people expect from any small to big business these days. They will look for you online, via search engines or social media, and will want to see your own website before taking your products and services seriously.

Social proof is created by the relevance of your online presence through your website, social media profiles, and your credibility across the internet. High social proof will impress potential customers and attract them to your business.  So without a website, you render all your social media efforts futile as your business lacks full credibility. 

10 Control the Narrative and Tell Your Story

You cannot control what other people say about your business online.  However, a website gives you a platform to tell your story in your own words, so you no longer rely on what other people might say. A website is far more effective in building your brand and earning you the reputation you want than more traditional pamphlets or brochures. With more than 63,000 searches every second on Google, there might be a lot of people who are interested in what you offer. 

11 Maximum ROI

In any business, you want to maximize your return on investment (ROI). With a website, you hardly lose a penny. A simple and smooth running website is not very expensive to create, and it allows you to represent your business before thousands of potential customers tell your story. it’s a base to your digital marketing strategy. You can target a wider audience and earn their credibility and trust. Your website and content impact the buying decisions of customers in any industry.

12 Get Ahead of your Competition

A website gives you an equal chance to compete with the big names in your industry. It reduces the restriction implied by buildings, offices, and space. You have the ability to compete on an equal footing with your competition, regardless of their resources. With the right SEO-optimized content and high relevance for search engines, you may outrank them in no time in the search results and claim more leads, customer reviews, and influence in your industry. So whilst competition is getting tough in this digital world, it’s all for good, and it levels up the field for all business enterprises, regardless of size! 

Final Words

In the end, we can’t stress enough the need to have a professional website for your business. It should tell your story in your words – 24/7/365. It will amplify and optimize results across your various marketing strategies. Having a smooth-running, easy-to-navigate, and authoritative website, you will economize on your advertising spend as you are able to connect with more potential customers, increase your reputation, sales, and ultimately profits.

The team at Cassia Digital Agency has helped many clients to create modern, professional, and highly successful business websites based on these 12 key principles.  Let’s chat about what you would like to achieve or change and let us help you and your business to grow and flourish.

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