Transforming From Accountant To Digital Agency

CPA Australia’s digital magazine “In the Black” recently profiled Anne Cutting FCPA, Founder and Creative Director at Cassia Digital Agency.  CPA Australia is one of the world’s largest accounting bodies, of which Anne has been a member for over 30 years.

The article sets out how Anne applied her business transformation expertise to “transform her own career, creating a new digital agency from scratch.”

Transformation From Accounting

Originally from Brisbane, Australia, and now based in London, UK, Anne talks about her path from Accounting graduate to developing global business transformation experience working with more than 30 clients across 20 industries, working across the globe. She gained expertise in; rebranding, organisational redesigns, shared-service and system implementations, cost rationalisation, and mergers and acquisitions, leveraging those accounting and commercial foundations.

Searching For Something Creative

COVID-19 was a pivotal junction explains Anne “I had been looking for something that was more creative that could become a lifestyle business, with better rewards and more fun than the corporate transformation treadmill.”

Cassia Digital Agency has been a perfect opportunity for Anne to leverage her business transformation and change programmes skills and release, a previously untapped design and creative skill set.

Award Winning Graduate

Always eager to learn from the best, Anne describes how the eBusiness Institute in Australia not only provides a lot of the necessary technical skills but also fosters a supportive community.  Anne is an award-winning graduate of the eBusiness Institute Champions programme and continues her association with the community and institute’s founders Matt and Liz Raad, to this day.

A unique digital agency

We are not your typical website design or SEO agency, Cassia Digital, we bring our global experience to local clients. Our team is small enough to provide dedicated attention to each client and project but big enough to provide the creativity and scale your business deserves.

No matter your particular industry, profession, or trade, we want to create partnerships with like-minded business owners. At Cassia Digital Agency we draw upon our extensive experience as trusted partners to support your business ambitions.

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